Filmmakers Shaun and Mac spiral into madness after stumbling upon a way to cut production costs by kidnapping and killing people for their indie slasher film.

What are you willing to do for your art?

Shaun and Mac aren’t the two brightest filmmakers in the world, but they have an idea, and they have the drive to make it happen. They’re just trying to cut corners to make their low-budget slasher. They didn’t plan on kidnapping and killing people instead of buying expensive special effects. But now that they’ve figured it out, why would they stop? This is fantastic. They only kill people who deserve it, anyway. There’s nothing wrong with that. And their movie looks incredible, so why would they stop? 

They’ve got a great system going here: Mac, the writer and director, creates beautifully grotesque scenes for Shaun, the actor, to thrive in. Maybe they even start to enjoy it a little. Maybe a little too much. Maybe this is actually something they wanted to do all along, but never realized it until just now. Could Shaun and Mac be psychotic? Did Ashley, that suicide survivor Shaun brought in, really want to die? Was that a bad idea to kill her? Mac might be having a little too much fun writing these scenes. Shaun’s not actually acting anymore. But, who cares right? All that matters is what that producer thinks when they show him their film. What if he doesn’t like it? Well, Mac hasn’t thought that through yet. What if someone catches them? Well, Shaun hasn’t thought about that either. 

And then Claire shows up. Who the fuck is she?



"Squib has all the elements of what can be a really fun and dark comedy. There is an able display of craft here... The description may be [one of] this script’s greatest strengths... the description of the violence, the blood spray, the close up dismembering of bodies; it's vivid... It was funny... the shock value is good, [and] the end twist is truly clever."
Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2017

"This is a shockingly gritty script, demonstrating a writer who understands the dramatic value of conceptual simplicity and the powerful allure that comes with exploring the darker side of human nature. The ending of this script is gutsy and clever, producing the kind of conclusion that defies reader expectation while staying true to the edgy tone that has been carved out for the narrative".
Blcklst 2017

"The concept is fresh for a horror film... the twisted sense of humor in this script really works... the writer has something special here... it could be a true indie hit." 
- Blcklst 2017

"The piece [has] the feel of a dark comedy, stemming from its nihilistic tone and borderline nonchalance. The writing style adds to this feeling, with a close focus on the visual and directorial detail". 
- Screencraft 2016